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Designed to offer maximum transit protection,  Gatorpak is one of the strongest and most versatile packaging products available.

Ideal for protecting a diverse range of products, it offers impressive cushioning and does not break up under impact.  Its ingenious corrugated design also provides excellent load bearing properties which improve stacking strength.

The Gatorpak range is manufactured from 100% re-cycled paper and is itself completely re-cyclable,  making a highly attractive environmentally responsible option. All products in the range are supplied to the required size and there are no tooling costs involved. Even small orders can be supplied at very cost-effective rates.

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Protect your product with Gatorpak

  • Manufactured for 100% re-cycled paper 
  • 100% re-cycable
  • No tooling cost
  • Excellent load bearing and stacking strength
  • Extremely Durable
  • Cost effective alternative to plastic packaging.


 Parameter     Dimension   
  length   700/1400
  width   120/650
  thickness   12/120


 Parameter     Dimension   
  inside leg length   50/100
  gap   7/170
  length   700/1400
  thickness     12/48 
  perforated   100


 Parameter     Dimension   
  inside leg length   60/120
  length   700/1400
  thickness     18/36 
  perforated   100

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