Comprehensive packaging
 A Total Packaging Solution Step by Step

From a simple pack through to a Complete Packaging service WPA can offer A total Packaging Solution.

We produce, supply, complete...

We can create packaging that will enhance your products and keep them safe.

  • WPA will analyse your products and design the most cost effective solution based on your storage,  shipping and protection requirements.
  • cenova_nabidka.pngWPA will produce a quotation for you based on  quantity. frequency of delivery and possible storage requirements.
  • testovani_obalu.pngOnce the quotation is accepted WPA will produce a sample and can also carry out transit tests to ensure your products reach your customers safely and undamaged.
  • vyroba.pngOnce we receive your order we will produce it. Typically the outer packaging may consist of corrugated paper or Timber and the inner packaging of Foam, Corrugated Die-Cuts or Gatorpack.
  • kompletace.pngAs an additional service WPA can assemble your packaging into sets. These can be simply opened and your products placed into them, saving you packaging time, storage space and simplifying the whole packaging process.
  • skladovani.pngOnce produced WPA can store your packaging in one our  warehouses ready for shipment.
  • doprava.pngWe have a fleet of vehicles capable of delivering you orders as and when required.
  • dodani_primo_na_linku.pngIf you are a regular customer with storage problems WPA can deliver your products directly to you Production lines Just in Time.