Corrugated Board Printing

 Available in Any Quantity and any number of colour combinations.

Our Large format digital ink-jet printer, prints on corrugated cardboard in high resolution without the need for printing plates or tools, ensuring high print quality at  reasonable cost even in low volumes.
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The Benefits of our Printer

We can create packaging that will enhance your products and also keep them safe

We Currently offer 2 types of Printing

1.     800 dpi resolution-Fast and low cost.

2.     1600 dpi resolution -Slightly more expensive but with higher definition colours


Main advantages:

·       High quality and unlimited color combination

·       No input costs necessary

·       Printing of all types of boxes (from 3 and 5 layers of corrugated board)

·       Ideal for making small series or printing samples

·       Short delivery time

·       Maximum print width 1065 mm and unlimited lenght